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Cat Photos

Photo slide show retrospective of Skipjack (Skipper) Kliman, a brown Bengal cat born 12/22/1996 - died May 31, 2009.  He went from normal to his death from a rapidly developing lymphoma in less than two weeks.  His brother Rusty, a red Bengal, died in 2011.  We rescued GTO at the Norwich NY SPCA to keep Rusty company and when Rusty died, we rescued Jasmati from Spring Farm Cares shelter in New Hartford, NY.  Then in 2013, because GTO and Jazzy never got to be buddies, we rescued Cinnabar from Wanderer’s Rest shelter hoping a new kitten would energize the other two.  Well, it worked.  Not only have Jazzy and Cinnabar become best pals, all three are much more active often racing around the house.  The only drawback has been Cinnabar’s very high activity level, including climbing curtains, sharpening claws everywhere and getting under, behind and on top of almost everything.


Skipjack Retrospective   Skipper stretched on rug small   Rusty Photos  Rusty at Fireplace 150pxw

       Photo slide show of GTO (2009...)  IMAG0206

Photos of Jazzy (2012...)IMAG0152  

                      Photos of Cinnabar (2013...) Cinnabar on Bokara 750w

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