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Over the years we’ve had cats and a couple of dogs.  Now we have three cats.  GTO, Jazzy and Cinnabar.  Many More Photos    All of our cats are and have been indoor cats.

In 2009 we adopted GTO from the Norwich NY SPCA.  GTO has proved to be a delightful, energetic and affectionate Gray Tabby.  When we first met him, he struck us as a boxy muscular cat.  I immediately thought of the Pontiac GTO muscle car of the 1960s.  As he is a Gray Tabby, GT seemed appropriate as a 2009-0624 GTO 1yo droid 200wnickname or now “Geeter.”




In 2012 we adopted Jasmati (Jazzy) a totally gray 5 month old, from SpringPC250006v2 Farm Cares shelter.  Smaller and more graceful than GTO, Jazzy is all medium gray, except his nose leather is black.

In September 2013 we adopted Cinnabar,Cinnabar on Bokara 750w a 4 month old orange male from Wanderer’s Rest shelter in Canastota, NY. 


The “Bengal Boys”
Our Bengal cats


Rusty the Bengal Boy

Video of Rusty playing


Skipjack (Skipper) the Bengal Boy


Skipjack  Retrospective

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